Teachers’ meeting in Nowa Slupia.

Project partners travelled to Nowa Slupia, Poland and visited the Polish school. Four Greek teachers were the greek delegation who met our partners for the first time.Polish teachers welcomed everyone with hospitality. During our stay  we visited KRAKÓW AUSCHWITZ and BIRKENAU and had the chance to play a treasure hunt game with the Polish students. We also Nordic walked up the mountain in the National Park and  visited the National Park Museum and the the Holy Cross Monastery.

Project partners discussed the about the following activities and their implementation.

Challenges during  school breaks


April 2016- Olympic Games mascots

Our students have collected the mascots of the Olympic games and created them for our Erasmus+ wall.

DSCN0333 DSCN0340 DSCN0343 DSCN0345  DSCN0375


Sports Presentation, February 2016

Our school is presenting Basketball and Volleyball. You can see the rules, the history of these sports, as well as our students playing them.


Skype Meeting 

This is the video with our skype meeting

On Monday 21st of December  the Greek and the Irish school had a skype meeting. During the meeting we sang Christmas songs and carols and we let our partners know about a  Greek traditional custom, our hobgoblins. Hobgoblins come to the Earth’s surface from its core and create a mess out of everything.

Christmas cards and decorations

We sent our Christmas cards to all our partners but we exchanged  even more cards with the Irish schools. Students went to the Post Office themselves to send them. We even prepared Christmas decorations  with our partner’s flags inspired from our partnership. tree3tree9 tree8




Greek Logos


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